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Supercharge your High-Rise Construction Project with DOC®

Stop clogging elevators and slowing down the Tower Crane with construction materials and waste.  Contractors using DOC® to move materials can handle 3x more material per hour than a man lift.  Simple to use, our Material Hoists do not require crane certification to operate and can be installed in a number of configurations.

Why use DOC?

Rooftop installation of High-Rise Material Hoist in Portland

Stay ahead of material demand and finish the project faster.

As buildings grow taller towards the sky, contractors need fast and efficient ways of moving materials and waste throughout the building.  Historically, contractors have relied on the tower crane or elevator to deliver finishing materials from truck to destination floor above, adding bottlenecks and delays throughout the project.


DOC is changing the way contractors move materials throughout a high-rise building, by creating a separate material handling solution that is capable of handling any load up 20+ feet long.

Hydraulic Luffing Boom allows long loads to be rotated and maneuvered into floors below.

Extend the boom outwards to rotate and maneuver large loads like curtainwall and pipe into lower floors.  Gates located at the end of the deck open to allow delivery of loads longer than the length of the deck, and eliminating the need to take the tower crane away from erecting the building.

Typical shorepost installation on an inner floor.

Simple and Flexible Installation Process

We’ve designed the DOC Material Hoist and Loading Platforms to be installed in practically any type of building construction.  Both the hoist and decks are installed without any major modification to the building, using either shore posts or counterweights.  Hoists can be installed on either the roof or inner-floor of the building, and are powered by a self-contained electric/hydraulic power unit.  The DOC Material Hoist can also be installed inside an elevator shaft, providing additional material handling options for buildings with limited space.


Installing the DOC system can usually be done in just a few hours and relocating the units can be done in about 10 minutes.

Available in 6.5 and 9.0 widths:

DOC Material Hoist Specifications

Detailed engineering specifications, load charts, and other information.