Move More With Less…


Distributing materials on a high-rise construction project can be one of the most time-consuming and labor-intensive aspects of the job.

It doesn’t have to be.


DOC Hoisting products have been saving contractors thousands, even hundreds of thousands, on labor costs related to moving materials throughout the building.  When operating at peak capacity, a 4 person team working on a DOC Hoisting system can do 2-3x the number of loads per hour than a 8 person team loading an elevator.  The DOC Material Hoist can handle twice the amount of material per load than an elevator.  Double the performance, double the capacity, using half the labor.

Whether your project is wood construction, concrete, or steel, DOC provides innovative hoisting solutions to fit your logistics needs.  For steel and concrete construction, our fully-retractable decks are the perfect compliment to a tower crane and construction elevator.  DOC High-Rise Material Hoists are capable of lifting up to 4 tons of material to any floor, and grows with the building allowing materials like curtain wall, ducting, pipes, and other building materials to be hoisted directly from truck to floor.

With the addition of the DOC High-Rise Material Basket, contractors constructing wooden-frame buildings have more logistics options delivering materials to individual floors.  A DOC Hoist and Basket in Seattle installed on the roof of an older wooden-frame building saved laborers countless hours carrying materials up the stairs.



Customer Support


At DOC Manufacturing, we believe in superior customer service just as much as we believe in the superiority of our product.  We take pride in providing our customers with the resources and training they need in order to make the most of the DOC High-Rise Material Hoist.  Although operation is simple and intuitive, we provide detailed on-site consultation going over all aspects of the DOC High-Rise Material Hoist.

We also provide logistics consulting services for individual trades, covering in detail essential labor-saving logistical short-cuts in high-rise construction.  These shortcuts can save tens of thousands of dollars on installation and labor costs for sub-contractors.  Our focus is reducing the number of times materials change hands on a job site, using innovative engineering and logistics solutions to accomplish more, in less time.